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conventional curb removal is a thing of the past 

About Us

Midwest Curb Grinding, L.L.C. is the leader in Commercial and Residential curb removal in the entire State of Iowa.  With a fleet of cutting edge, state of the art milling machines, our service and quality is uncompromised and unmatched.  Serving the midwest since 1986 

Midwest Curb Grinding, L.L.C. works with State, County, City and Private Engineers, General Contractors, Excavating Contractors, Home Builders, Homeowners, and Concrete Contractors.  You will find that we are committed to the highest Standard of Excellence that will not be compromised. 

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To schedule work in Eastern Iowa contact: 

Dustin Lee or Wade Reisdorph 




To schedule work in Central Iowa contact: 

John Shannon or Ty Luneburg 






Tara Frith

Phone: 319-365-8665

 Fax: 319-393-3880  


Midwest Curb Grinding, LLC

Box 10047 Cedar Rapids, IA 52410 US